Mountaintops, hillsides, valley floors – vineyards can be found in a variety of places.  And although they may all look the same, don't be fooled. Every single vineyard has a unique personality, and that means that the grapes they produce are nuanced in character, too. Here at 16x20 wines, we believe in having an intimate, hands-on relationship with each and every one of our vineyards so that those nuances can be carefully handcrafted into a celebration of complexity and flavor - every time you open a bottle of our wine.

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Diamond Mountain
Spring Mountain
St Helena
Mount Veeder
Oak Knoll
Los Carneros
Howell Mountain
Chiles Valley
Stags Leap
Atlas Peak
Wild Horse Valley
Sonoma Coast

Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Lake Berryessa
City of Napa


Handcrafted wines begin in the vineyard with hands-on, individual care, every single day.

End of discussion.

Okay, you've twisted our arm... we'll elaborate further. Continuous TLC in the vineyard is the most important factor when it comes to making a balanced, complex and ridiculously delicious wine that keeps your taste buds coming back for more. And we're not just talking about walking through our vineyards to make sure everything looks okay – we're talking about spending so much hands-on time in the vineyard that we're able to tell you the personality of every grape in there – naturally, the sour ones with a bad attitude, get the boot.

Joking aside, we don't allow a single, unhealthy grape to make it into our bottles.

We're able to make this guarantee because, from budburst in the spring, through to harvest in the Fall and beyond, we are constantly focused on the grapes in our vineyards. We position every vine shoot by hand, to allow for optimal sun exposure; we thin the crop by hand to ensure that each vine only has as much fruit as it can fully ripen in that season; we remove, by hand, any individual grapes that are struggling to ripen or are damaged; and we eat, sleep and breathe irrigation so that the vines are always receiving optimal watering to allow for maximum flavor development, throughout the vineyard. This is just a quick synopsis of how much love and attention we give our vineyards, but hopefully you're getting the idea. In case it wasn't clear, we believe in doing things by hand.

At harvest, the grapes are treated ever-so-delicately from the moment they're clipped from the vine, to the moment they're crushed at the winery. And then the process in the vineyards begins again. We use a natural, organic, nitrogen-rich cover crop to replenish the soil for the next growing season, and then we leave the vineyards and vines in peace for a well-deserved rest in the winter.

We're tired just thinking about all of the hard work and energy that goes into a single growing season. So why do we do it? Because we love it. And we hope that you love the handcrafted fruits of our labor, each time you pop the cork on a Sixteen by Twenty bottle of wine.

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