It's wine o'clock somewhere. What are YOU sipping?



2016 Cabernet Sauvignon : Napa Valley

700 cases : current release


  • Delicious aroma of black fruit
  • Dusty earthiness, with juicy fruits
  • Elegant personality

Destined to age beautifully!

The 2016 Cabernets showed well from the start and all through two years of barrel aging, but they seemed to hit a higher gear right before bottling. I now feel that our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon will be equal to or better than 2012 and 2013. Once again a very dark color. Dark nose as well…dark, thick, black and red cherry with sweet mixed berries, currants and plum…none of these fruits dominates the other; its just a delightful mix of complexity. Lacquered anise and a tiny nuance of cinnamon toast add to the intrigue. Something about the intense aroma of this wine evokes a primal quest for meat, fire and shelter. There is a pleasing generous feel to this medium weight Cabernet that possesses firm, bracing, toasty oak tinged tannins. The brooding dark fruit marries well with these tannins. There is an intriguing dense, compressed, cool, feel to this wine that flavor wise is dominated by black currant and black cherry flavors with deep smoky anise and hints of bacon fat. The feel is there, the stuffing is there, the complexity of black fruits and dark flavors are there. Intense yes, but approachable. Intense and sauvage yet elegant. It all adds up to another 16x20 Cabernet that is complex, focused and balanced like previous vintages but the tag line for the 2014 at this stage is “serious structure….packed, packed, packed.”





2018 Chardonnay : Sonoma Coast

300 cases : current release


  • Bright and refreshing
  • Citrus and nectarine, with subtle creaminess
  • Balanced oak and plenty of minerality

Summertime sipping at its finest!

Our newest release, the 2018 Chardonnay, continues to show the character of our Sonoma Coast vineyards that we started to see in 2012. The color is a pale yellow-green, unfiltered gold color that is neither flat nor brilliant. The coastal nose of this Chardonnay is crisp and clean with characters of bread dough, citrus peel and a beautiful slight tang of Passion Fruit. Aromas of damp pebbles showcase the minerality side of this wine. I would say that at this stage the personality of this wine is linear. One flavor and aroma leads gracefully and softly to the next. There is an equal balance between the fruit and acid that gives the wine a soft nature free of tension. Graceful wisps of mild oak can be found at the edges. The nose and flavors mirror one another with melon leading the way. Lemon peel, apricot, pear and melon are found, along with a medium long, soft, round, finish that gives way to crème brullee and a hint of slightly toasted marshmallow. This is a very delicious, easy going Chardonnay that in the sense of balance and ripe fruit is very representative of the vineyard, and similar to recent past vintages…but it is also different from recent vintages in that it has a noticeably softer personality that I, for one, am curious to see what that means as it ages. 2017 is considered the true drought vintage for all varietals…the culmination of many years of dry conditions, and the wines are showing some interesting characteristics as a result…but then, this is why we like small production wines that can celebrate the personality of a vintage rather than the brand.

MARCH 2017




2019 Pinot Noir : Sonoma Coast

110 cases : current release


  • Cool fruits with dominant violet
  • Spicy raciness in the finish
  • Soft, plush, satiny mouth-feel

You won't want to miss this terroir-driven vintage!

This vintage of the Sixteen by Twenty Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is a pure expression of 100% Pommard Clone grown on steep west facing terraces. As Pinot’s do, this wine has been taking its time in showing what it’s got, but recently the magical transformation of opening up has begun and the flavors are hitting full stride. The youthful, medium dark, raspberry red color signals that this is a youthful wine. The nose confirms this with hesitant, but very pretty, developing aromas. Predominately, aromas of red cherry, fresh violets, orange peel, ginger and briar are starting to show. Nuances of an earthy minerality are nicely attached to the fresh cherry. I especially love the feel of this wine. It is a plush, sensuous, viscous feel. This feel is going to be an enduring quality of this wine. Just like the developing nose, the emerging flavors are led by a ripe cherry that lends a soft sweetness to the floral, cola and earth flavors. The silty, soft tannins that show up in the finish will ensure the structure needed for this wine to fulfill it’s potential. I like the spicy raciness in the finish that gives way to an ethereal lingering of violets and hints of orange peel, foretelling the developing complexity. This is a sophisticated Pinot Noir that is just beginning to put on weight. The cherry and violet profile, characteristic of the Pommard clone, and the plush feel, will make this a true pinot lovers wine. I can’t help projecting forward to the time when the flavors are mature and complex, to the enjoyment that this sensually velvet wine will provide with every swirl and sip. By all means enjoy this wine now, but I urge you to keep some aside and follow it’s progression to what I believe will be a beautiful wine that rewards aging.





We all have our favorites, but sometimes you don’t realize it’s a favorite until it’s too late - that’s why we like to hang-on to a few cases of each vintage for you. Flashback Wines are available in very limited quantities to our Wine Club Members.


past vintages Cabernet Sauvignon : Napa Valley

Flashback Wines


  • Dark, intense purple color
  • Deep, rich creamy black fruits
  • Spicy bramble and voluminous mouthfeel

This is a BIG Cabernet!

In 2012, Mother Nature lobbed a slow pitch over the plate and made it easy for us to swing for the bleachers. All the vineyards and varietals showed excellent concentration in the fruit, so we couldn’t resist adding some Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Merlot to the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is very dark, dense purple in color, which is an indicator of the concentration that is here. This is a young wine in the sense of vintage date, but even more so it’s a young wine because of its aging potential. Youthful shyness is here, but you can make out the early showing of sweet, creamy anise-tinged crushed blackberry in the nose. Very dark fruits are macerating with a glimmer of deep, dark black cherry, creamy cassis and dense plum all seamlessly integrate with slight expressions of new oak and cedar. Showing even more at this stage is the spicy bramble, spicy floral and white pepper aromas that add intrigue. I get the compelling impression of a pleasant, assured coolness to the nose. I would call this a big wine, a concentrated wine, and a young wine. The mouth-feel is incredible…full, fat, excellent volume that fills the mouth with round expansion from cheek to cheek. Deep, rich, creamy black fruits billow through from start to finish. Round and harmonious, yet firm, straight-edged concentration, with intense focus. Big, strong, mouth-coating, silty tannins envelope the entire mouth as the intense, voluminous middle slides effortlessly into a slightly smoke-and-cedar tinged, long, long finish that is reminiscent of a blackberry reduction sauce. Yes, this is a big wine.